Monday, May 16, 2011

champions league final news

if can choose, any team would not want if the need to meet Barca. the things that must be followed Manchester United in the Champions League final action late this May. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson have to rack my brain to find the best way in the teeth of Barcelona at Wembley Stadium.

For the sake of looking a little information, Fergie took the time to talk to Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. Real itself is losing to Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final two games, El Real give up on aggregate 3-1.

at least according to Ferguson, Murinho is a coach who understands the style of play Barca. Almost every season Murinho always felt the meeting with the Catalan giants.

Ferguson admitted a little advice from Jose. "I've talked a lot with him last week. Real is a different team with MU. I think, we will rely on our knowledge about Barca. But Murinho experience will greatly help us, "said Ferguson.

Manchester United beat Barcelona come on,,, We always support you MU


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