Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sony's PlayStation Network Investigate Damage

Sony Corp. is investigating damage to the services the PlayStation Network (PSN), a system that connects gamers around the world in a live game, which happened was last week. Damage was first announced Sony on Thursday (04/21/2011) Japan time, when users get an error message when you want to sign in.. At that time, Sony claimed is looking for the cause of the problem. the next day, Sony states that it takes one to two days to restore the system to normal. But until now the damage had not been a solution. Sony just gave a description of the damage Saturday, or 2 days after the problem was first discovered. N6EM3ZV72N5J (technorati)

The impact of the destruction, of course, the PlayStation gamers can not play games online ririskiky. Online games, where players collaborate with other players in real-time, are very dependent on the PSN service. Last month, the site become victims of cyber attack by a hacker group calling themselves Anonymous, following a lawsuit against two owners of Sony's PlayStation 3 by releasing the code that allows software and other operating systems running on their consoles.


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