Monday, April 25, 2011

how to install windows xp on compaq CQ40 series

The first time I bought a laptop, I am interested in a product developed by Compaq, in addition to the screen that looks interesting too thin, but there is a problem when I want to install windows xp on this laptop compaq output, and after I tried again and again, it still views that appear bluescreen . and it turned out after my uncle to find by using google, that the Compaq Presario CQ40 Notebook2 this new series uses a system setting AHCI SATA hard drive, so can not install Windows XP (Since XP does not recognize AHCI).

then, how to install Windows XP on Compaq Presario CQ40 series?

To make this notebook can be installed use windows XP operating system can not just play install. Actually there are 2 ways (maybe there are others?), first to update its BIOS, but it if not careful can the risk of total death and did not want to live anymore. A second way to combine a master of his XP with SATA AHCI using nLite. So I think just use the second way, because the risk is small

Ammunition needed to combine its SATA AHCI, among others :
If you have downloaded all of all we begin to create a CD Installer XP already installed the SATA AHCI driver (be sure to make it in another computer first)

1. Net framework installed first after that, his nLite.
2. Open nLite and select NEXT.

See Figure below :

3. Click BROWSE and navigate where you store the master XP (you can directly from the original XP CD installer copyan ato it on your hard drive) à Original yes ...
4. NEXT.

5. Here we only want to combine SATA AHCI, so for this stage only directly select NEXT.
6. After that there is integration options. Because we only want to integrate its Sata AHCI so select only "DRIVERS"

if you want to make your XP to SP3 initially SP1 / 2 just select only "Service Pack". And to make it a live bootable CD which just added in the "Bootable ISO", then he will make an ISO file that can be directly diburning to CD. After choosing the model integration, be continued with a click NEXT.

See Figure below :

7. Because we only want the SATA AHCI its course so now click on "INSERT", and select "Multiple Driver Folder" and then select the folder (extract first reply still. Zip) where you put the file its SATA AHCI. Select the driver (f6flpy32_85) click "OK" select "OK" again. Nah! Here you must select the MODE is "textmode DRIVER" and then select wrote all of the driver and click "OK". Then select NEXT.

See Figure below :

8. Here you select YES , integration process begins. When you're done you click NEXT.

9. Will there be a choice burning, burning up going directly to a CD (Direct Burn) ato want to be, an ISO file (Make ISO), just select it

10. nLite process is complete, just click "FINISH"only.

11. If used as a live burn ISO to CD using NERO / other burning program


12. If you have a CD, use it directly for nginstall XP as usual.

so, maybe that's all I can tell bloggers, may be useful .. thanks


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