Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Michael Owen reunion with David Beckham

Michael Owen could not wait for the match with Manchester United against MLS All Stars on Thursday (28/7/2011) early morning hrs. Red Devils striker wants to re-encounter with his former compatriots in the England team mate, David Beckham.

This game is also known to be a special game for Beckham, in which Beckham will meet the club had a very strong bond with him. Known, Becks had become a mainstay player and idol of the Red Devils fans during the ten-year career in Mancaster.

This is not the first time Beckham will play against his former club (Red Devils). However, the club has a special affection for him.

Beckham is a top class player and has tremendous skills, as well as Michael Owen is a dangerous striker, although now he is not young anymore but still sharp-honed to break the opponent's goal.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Barcelona vs Manchester United, the best game this year

LONDON - Many of the judge, the match Barcelona againts Manchester United became the best game in the middle of this year. But your coach Alex Ferguson commented another.

according to him, this duel is a prestigious match in the end this season. Speaking at a press conference ahead of crucial match which took place at Wembley stadium, sir alex is so keen to win the match Champions League crown this season.

saw two years ago, this match is a final replay 2009. Two years ago in Rome Italy, you must recognize courage Barcelona. But of course, the final in 2011 was different. With both sides of the equitable power to make Fergie optimistic, the game will present the ideal final. "(The game) this could be the best at the end of this decade," Ferguson enthusiastic sebagaiaman Goal quoted on Saturday (05/28/2011)

According to Fergie, the status of these two strong teams with winning traditions to make the match full of emotion and pride that become a magnet for soccer enthusiast on earth.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

champions league final news

if can choose, any team would not want if the need to meet Barca. the things that must be followed Manchester United in the Champions League final action late this May. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson have to rack my brain to find the best way in the teeth of Barcelona at Wembley Stadium.

For the sake of looking a little information, Fergie took the time to talk to Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. Real itself is losing to Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final two games, El Real give up on aggregate 3-1.

at least according to Ferguson, Murinho is a coach who understands the style of play Barca. Almost every season Murinho always felt the meeting with the Catalan giants.

Ferguson admitted a little advice from Jose. "I've talked a lot with him last week. Real is a different team with MU. I think, we will rely on our knowledge about Barca. But Murinho experience will greatly help us, "said Ferguson.

Manchester United beat Barcelona come on,,, We always support you MU

Monday, April 25, 2011

how to install windows xp on compaq CQ40 series

The first time I bought a laptop, I am interested in a product developed by Compaq, in addition to the screen that looks interesting too thin, but there is a problem when I want to install windows xp on this laptop compaq output, and after I tried again and again, it still views that appear bluescreen . and it turned out after my uncle to find by using google, that the Compaq Presario CQ40 Notebook2 this new series uses a system setting AHCI SATA hard drive, so can not install Windows XP (Since XP does not recognize AHCI).

then, how to install Windows XP on Compaq Presario CQ40 series?

To make this notebook can be installed use windows XP operating system can not just play install. Actually there are 2 ways (maybe there are others?), first to update its BIOS, but it if not careful can the risk of total death and did not want to live anymore. A second way to combine a master of his XP with SATA AHCI using nLite. So I think just use the second way, because the risk is small

Ammunition needed to combine its SATA AHCI, among others :
If you have downloaded all of all we begin to create a CD Installer XP already installed the SATA AHCI driver (be sure to make it in another computer first)

1. Net framework installed first after that, his nLite.
2. Open nLite and select NEXT.

See Figure below :

3. Click BROWSE and navigate where you store the master XP (you can directly from the original XP CD installer copyan ato it on your hard drive) à Original yes ...
4. NEXT.

5. Here we only want to combine SATA AHCI, so for this stage only directly select NEXT.
6. After that there is integration options. Because we only want to integrate its Sata AHCI so select only "DRIVERS"

if you want to make your XP to SP3 initially SP1 / 2 just select only "Service Pack". And to make it a live bootable CD which just added in the "Bootable ISO", then he will make an ISO file that can be directly diburning to CD. After choosing the model integration, be continued with a click NEXT.

See Figure below :

7. Because we only want the SATA AHCI its course so now click on "INSERT", and select "Multiple Driver Folder" and then select the folder (extract first reply still. Zip) where you put the file its SATA AHCI. Select the driver (f6flpy32_85) click "OK" select "OK" again. Nah! Here you must select the MODE is "textmode DRIVER" and then select wrote all of the driver and click "OK". Then select NEXT.

See Figure below :

8. Here you select YES , integration process begins. When you're done you click NEXT.

9. Will there be a choice burning, burning up going directly to a CD (Direct Burn) ato want to be, an ISO file (Make ISO), just select it

10. nLite process is complete, just click "FINISH"only.

11. If used as a live burn ISO to CD using NERO / other burning program


12. If you have a CD, use it directly for nginstall XP as usual.

so, maybe that's all I can tell bloggers, may be useful .. thanks

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sony's PlayStation Network Investigate Damage

Sony Corp. is investigating damage to the services the PlayStation Network (PSN), a system that connects gamers around the world in a live game, which happened was last week. Damage was first announced Sony on Thursday (04/21/2011) Japan time, when users get an error message when you want to sign in.. At that time, Sony claimed is looking for the cause of the problem. the next day, Sony states that it takes one to two days to restore the system to normal. But until now the damage had not been a solution. Sony just gave a description of the damage Saturday, or 2 days after the problem was first discovered. N6EM3ZV72N5J (technorati)

The impact of the destruction, of course, the PlayStation gamers can not play games online ririskiky. Online games, where players collaborate with other players in real-time, are very dependent on the PSN service. Last month, the site become victims of cyber attack by a hacker group calling themselves Anonymous, following a lawsuit against two owners of Sony's PlayStation 3 by releasing the code that allows software and other operating systems running on their consoles.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

El Clasico vol-3 in 2011 to belong to real madrid

Los Galaticos a winner at the king's cup finals by beating Barcelona 1-0. But Zinedine Zidane's comment on the victory was not achieved easily due to Barca who took over the game. The Game had to walk a lot during 90 minutes of normal time. There is no goal is created, until finally CR7 header from Di Maria welcomes feedback on the renewal period of time became the winner of Madrid.

Ambassadors as well advisory team Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane, after the game said that Madrid is very lucky to win. reasons, Barcelona also played well and able to dominate the game. We could print one two goals in the first round. Unfortunately, luck is not on our side, though ultimately we can score goals, "said former Los Merengues this.

Zizou also spoke of two Champions League semi-final match, where Madrid had to return serve Barcelona. "Every El Clascio is a different game and we should be more prepared because this would be more difficult. Barca and Real are the two best teams in the world and maybe this is indeed the best,"said Zidane. The two eternal rivals will meet again at the Santiago Bernabeu on April 27, 2011 as the first leg match. Furthermore, the second leg at Camp Nou on May 3, 2011.